Participation of teachers of the department of digital economy and business analytics in the practical webinar “Project management in the educational process: practices and tools from an IT company”

27.10.2022 | 11:13

On October 26, 2022, Associate Professor of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics A. V. Zadorozhna listened to the webinar “Project management in the educational process: practices and tools from an IT company”, which was organized by the Genesis Education team (speaker – Yulia Slakva, Education Project Specialist in Genesis).

The webinar raised the issue of the possibilities and prospects of using the basic principles and practices of project management to improve the educational process, especially from the student’s side. For this purpose, such aspects of project management as planning, task management, time management, goal setting, etc. were considered. It was also revealed at the webinar:

  • the concept of a project, including a description of what can be considered a project from the students’ point of view;
  • concepts and tasks of project management;
  • the matrix of prioritization of project risks and values;
  • types of risks and methods of dealing with them;
  • methods of assessing the effectiveness of tasks, etc.

Of interest are the software tools offered by the lecturer for students and teachers, which allow you to use project management in the educational process – this is also known for the implementation of IT projects Trello, and Notino, Asana, Miro, etc.

The material of the webinar listened to will be useful in the practice of successfully conducting training in higher education institutions.