Participation in the workshop “How ChatGPT can assist in creating a curriculum or educational trajectory”

27.06.2023 | 13:37

On June 20, 2023, Iryna SHEVCHUK, head of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics, Faculty of Finance and Business Management of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, participated in the workshop “How ChatGPT can assist in the creation of a curriculum or educational trajectory” by Oleksandra Tyrkalova, Partnership with Universities Lead at Genesis.

During the session, participants:

  • learned how to use ChatGPT;
  • got acquainted with the services for checking the fact of using ChatGPT;
  • analyzed examples of requests in ChatGPT.

The knowledge gained will be used to improve the syllabi, study and work programs of the study disciplines, which are read for students of higher education under the educational program “Information technologies in business” specialty 051 “Economics”, as well as the adaptation of ChatGPT capabilities to the educational process (improving the learning process, providing useful answering students’ questions and providing advice, providing personalized conversations and support, etc.).

At the same time, a clear policy and guidelines regarding academic integrity and responsible use of ChatGPT by all participants in the educational process will be implemented.