Участь кафедри економіки та публічного управління у панельній дискусії “Universities for Local Development: Germany, Poland, Ukraine”

17.11.2021 | 02:49

On 09/11/2021, Associate Professor Halyna Kaplenko, Associate Professor Oksana Pikulyk and Senior Researcher Inna Kulish took part in an online discussion (second-panel discussion) of research on the role and importance of universities for local development.
Stefan Henkel, Olena Syrby, Susann Worchech, Yuliy Kharchuk, Dmytro Shevchuk and other project participants shared their experience of cooperation between universities and local self-government bodies and their participation in local development.
Experience of  University Viadrina (Frankfurt am Oder): how a university can join local development through participation in cultural development. Practical experience: discussion of students with representatives of local authorities about their projects and their importance for the development of the city, surveying schoolchildren about what they lack in cultural life and how they see the city. Research on the Concept of Smart-city and the development of a smart concept.
Experience of the University of Poznan: 20 important facts about cooperation and its results, cooperation not only with the city but with other interested actors.
Ostroh Academy’s cooperation with the city: projects, areas of cooperation, participation of the Academy in development in the strategy of Ostroh.
Cooperation of universities with the city and NGOs, participation of the academic community in research, how knowledge from students are transferred to other members of civil society.