“Together to victory”

28.10.2022 | 15:12

On October 19 (All-Ukrainian Day of Human Responsibility) and October 27 (World Occupational Therapy Day) 2022, students of the first year of the educational program “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” accompanied by a professor of the Department of Financial Management, Faculty of Finance and Business Management, Doctor of Economics. Nazarkevych I.B. visited the Lviv volunteer kitchen to help organize food for our defenders, who at this difficult time are resisting the Russian occupiers at the front.
Participating in such activities allows both to do things that are very necessary today, and to reduce the level of stress caused by the war. At the same time, occupational therapy in this format helps to reveal hidden possibilities, increase your creative potential, expand your circle of communication, and gain useful knowledge and skills.
Celebrating such significant days with help for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is part of our responsibility to society and the country. After all, we and our ancestors were born and grew up here, so we are obliged to leave a free, cathedral and prosperous Ukraine to our descendants.