09.12.2022 | 09:57

On December 6, 2022, Ukraine will celebrate a national holiday – the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which in today’s conditions of a full-scale military invasion acquires special significance. On this day, Ukrainian society honors the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who courageously defend the independence of our state, bravely defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, confidently liberate the occupied territories from the Russian invaders, carry out the evacuation of the civilian population from dangerous cities and villages, fight ground and air threats , providing an opportunity for citizens of the state to carry out their professional activities on a daily basis, to get an education, to attend schools and kindergartens.

In order to express gratitude to our brave and indomitable defenders, the adviser of the UFP-31s EP “Public administration and business management”, associate professor of the department of public administration and business management O. Reshota and students of higher education visited the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine temporarily stationed in our region. Students had the opportunity to congratulate the soldiers on their professional holiday by arranging a sweet treat and creating a festive mood.

It was extremely pleasant to talk with the military, because despite all the horrors of the war, they remain optimistic, smiling, open and sincere, resolutely confident in the victory of our country, because every day they do everything possible and impossible for this! Our army once again proves that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are the Bravest Army in the World!

Glory and sincere thanks to all Defenders! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! Victory and Peace to Ukraine!