04.11.2022 | 11:45

The rules of youth behavior during martial law, the rules of safe behavior on the Internet, administrative and criminal liability, bullying and cyberbullying, online fraud and other things were discussed at a meeting with representatives of Juvenile Prevention of Lviv region by students of higher education of the 1st-3rd year of the specialty 281 Public management and administration of the Public Administration and Business Management educational program.

On November 3, 2022, at the invitation of the Head of the Department of Public Administration and Business Management of the Faculty of Finance and Business of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Hanna Komarnytska, a meeting of higher education graduates was held with the senior inspector of the juvenile prevention sector of the Lviv District Police Department No. 1, police captain Serhii Lysyk and inspector sector, senior police lieutenant Anna Barilka.

Among the key issues that were discussed with the students of higher education: rules of behavior in conditions of martial law, rules of safe behavior on the Internet, correct behavior in social networks, information hygiene, cyberbullying and online fraud, problems related to the use of alcohol and drugs substances They also discussed practical cases of committing crimes by young people, due to ignorance of the laws and administrative and criminal liability that such actions carry.

The practice of applying both educational and preventive measures, which were previously carried out by the state, has shown its ability to combat crime. In the conditions of martial law, such knowledge becomes even more important for young people. After all, building a strong nation gives the right to know not only one’s rights, but also one’s duties (Article 57 of the Constitution of Ukraine).

We thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the opportunity to hold such events! Everything will be Ukraine!