The final stage of the test session for second-third year students majoring in “Finance, Banking and Insurance”

30.05.2021 | 22:28

On May 24-28, the final stage of the credit session for second and third year students was the defense of course work in financial and economic disciplines and, accordingly, in the disciplines of professional and practical training. In general, performing course work, students have the opportunity to acquire professional competencies, such as understanding and ability to critically comprehend the basics of finance, banking and insurance, patterns of functioning and development of financial systems; ability to master and understand information on the current state and trends of these systems (public finances, including budget and tax systems, business finances, household finances, financial markets, banking system and insurance).

In the context of distance learning, students presented the results of research on the platform Microsoft Teams. The topics of the course work were diverse and related to banking and insurance business, investment, entrepreneurship, etc., covering all areas of the specialty “Finance, Banking and Insurance”. The authors of the most interesting works were awarded by the protection commissions. We hope that the following research of our students will allow to develop their scientific potential and will help to increase the effectiveness of scientific activity.