The educational project “School of a successful financier” was completed

15.05.2023 | 20:58

For the fifth time, the Department of Financial Management of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv has implemented educational projects. This year, on May 14, the educational project “School of a Successful Financier” ended, which is aimed at developing knowledge in the field of finance and raising students’ awareness of choosing a future profession, as well as familiarization with the educational programs “Finance, Customs and Taxation” and “Financial Management”.

The program “School of a successful financier” provided for 5 areas of training: “Interesting world of finance”, “I, the bank and the insurance company: we will be friends”, “Customs. What do you need to know?”, “Taxes are simple”, “Business finance is the way to success”.

During the first meeting, Associate Professor of the Department of Financial Management N. B. Tataryn familiarized the audience with the concept of “finance” and the profession of a financier and noted what professional qualities such a specialist should possess. Subsequently, Associate Professor of the Department of Financial Management V. V. Kruglyakova and the participants of the educational project discussed the basic rules of financial literacy and created a portrait of a financially literate person.

At the next training “I, the bank and the insurance company: let’s be friends”, the associate professor of the department of financial management, L. O. Petyk, familiarized the audience with the history of banking, the structure of the banking system of our country, the functioning of neobanks, and gave practical advice on the use of credit cards. Associate Professor of the Department of Financial Management, D. V. Popovych, in turn, introduced the history of insurance, the main concepts and categories of insurance business, the structure and participants of the insurance market, the most common types of insurance services.

The next meeting was dedicated to familiarizing future applicants with the basics of customs affairs (the speakers were associate professor of the Department of Financial Management Yu. O. Golynskyi and associate professor of the Department of Financial Management Dubyk V. Ya.). The listeners learned about the historical aspects of the development of customs affairs in Ukraine, the specifics of the activities of checkpoints, customs posts, and high-profile offenses detected by Lviv customs officers at checkpoints. During the meeting, a lively discussion of speakers and listeners took place on how to build a career and realize yourself in the customs sphere, as well as about employment opportunities and prospects.

Also, within the framework of the educational project, professor I. B. Nazarkevich and associate professor O. A. Sych, teachers of the Department of Financial Management, organized and held the training “Taxes is simple”, during which questions regarding the understanding of the nature of taxes, their functions and types were discussed. Aspects of the role of taxes for the socio-economic development of the country are discussed.

The lecturers of the Department of Financial Management, Associate Professor I. F. Yasinovska and Professor Yu. V. Shushkova, as part of the training “Business Finances – the way to success”, together with the participants of the School, considered the peculiarities of business development in modern conditions and analyzed in detail the components of ensuring its successful activity. Success in any activity is mainly determined by the creativity and innovativeness of the idea, the demand for the product, its accessibility to users and ease of use, the availability of sufficient financial resources, a reliable team, etc. Students also learned about the most popular business ideas of today using the example of startups, learned about the most expensive private companies in the world – unicorns and decacorns, features of fundraising on crowdfunding platforms and examples of the most successful Ukrainian startups on Kickstarter.

In general, during the trainings, the trainees had the opportunity to learn about finance and who a successful financier is, learn about the advantages of the financier profession and why it is worth researching and studying finance, learn the basic concepts of financial literacy.

Upon completion of the educational project, all participants received personal certificates.