The commemoration of the heroes of the November Order: participation in the event of students of the department of financial management

01.11.2023 | 23:40

On November 1, 2023, the winners of the educational program “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” of groups UFF-11c (advisor O.R. Zahidna), UFF-12c (advisor V.Ya. Dubyk), UFF-13c (advisor Vatamanyuk-Zelinska U. Z.) and the educational program “Financial Management” of the UFM-11s group (advisor L.O. Petyk) together with the deputy head of the department for educational work Smolinskaia S.D. joined the commemorative event of LNU named after Ivan Franko – Memorial of the Heroes of the November Order, organized for the 105th anniversary of the proclamation of the West Ukrainian People’s Republic.

The event took place at the Memorial of the Soldiers of the UGA and USS of Yaniv Cemetery. The event began at 2 p.m. with a memorial service for the repose of the souls of the fallen heroes. The rector of LNU named after Ivan Franko Prof. V. Melnyk, vice-rectors, dean of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management A. Stasyshyn, the trade union organization and scientific and teaching staff of the University, representatives of local authorities and public figures of Lviv. The vocal ensemble “Evfonia” of the Faculty of Culture and Arts and the Honored Choral Chapel of Ukraine “Boyan” named after Yevgen Vakhniak of the Center for Culture and Leisure of Lviv University performed at the event.

Students and everyone present lit lamps on the graves of heroes, prayed and paid tribute to those who fought for Ukrainian statehood. Speeches about fallen heroes and memorable days of more than a century ago did not leave anyone indifferent. Such measures are extremely relevant and necessary today, especially considering the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine.