Thematic meeting with the Network Test Engineer at GlobalLogic Ukraine for students of OP “Information Technology in Business”

27.05.2021 | 12:55

On May 26, 2021, within the discipline “Object-Oriented Programming” (teacher Iryna Shevchuk, Doctor of Economics) for students enrolled in the educational program “Information Technology in Business” (UFE-21c group), was held video meeting with Andriy Shevchuk, Network Tests Engineer at GlobalLogic Ukraine, on practical aspects of choosing resources and environments for software development.

Andriy Shevchuk shared his own practical experience on teamwork and interaction between team members, expressed his opinion on what a modern IT specialist should look like (Hard skills and Soft skills, knowledge of English, understanding of the company’s business processes, constantly evolving). In addition, students were drawn to the various structures of the software development process, the main roles in the software developer, the optimal set of software development environments, the mechanism of virtualization processes and types of virtualization.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Andriy answered the students’ questions, in particular how to prepare for and pass interviews in IT companies, what topics from the PLO are most often included in the IT interviews. He also informed about current vacancies in the IT market, including and at GlobalLogic Ukraine, for student employment.