Students of UFP-11s group held a patriotic and educational event “The Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language”

12.11.2021 | 11:52

On November 10, 2021, the advisor of the academic group UFP-11s, associate professor Olga Malinovska together with students, held an educational hour “The Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language”.

Language is the greatest and most precious good of every nation, it is a living hiding place of the human spirit, its rich treasury, in which the people put their ancient life and their hopes, thoughts, experiences, feelings. The event is dedicated to the historical aspects of Ukrainian writing, as well as to the education of love for the native language, native land, its traditions, a sense of respect for everything, Ukrainian, the desire to speak the native language; to form an understanding that the Ukrainian language is our treasure, without which neither the people nor Ukraine as a state can exist; to expand knowledge about the beauty and richness of the Ukrainian language; to awaken a sense of national dignity.