Students of the Faculty of Financial Management and Business took part in the five-day campaign “Say No to Violence!”

13.10.2022 | 11:48

Every year on October 2, the world celebrates the International Day of Nonviolence. This day was established by the UN General Assembly, and the idea of ​​celebrating it is to affirm the culture of peace, tolerance, understanding and non-violence. Unfortunately, today Ukraine continues to suffer from the violence of the Russian occupiers, who brutally torture and kill civilians. In the Russian-Ukrainian war, the facts of the use of violence have been recorded since 2014. But after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, the aggressor’s troops use violence precisely as a method of waging war on an unprecedented scale – in particular, to intimidate, take revenge or “punish” the civilian population in the occupied territories.

From October 3 to 7, 2022, the Department of Financial Management of the Faculty of Financial Management and Business organized a cycle of events called “Say to violence: “No!”” for students of the first (bachelor’s) level of education of the educational programs “Finance, Customs and Taxation” and “Financial management”. The coordinator of the action is Yuliya Shushkova, professor of the Department of Financial Management, deputy dean of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management.

As part of the campaign, students together with their group advisors – Professor of the Department of Financial Management Ulyana Vatamanyuk-Zelinska, Professor Yulia Shushkova, Associate Professor of the Department of Financial Management, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Financial Management and Business for Research Victoria Dubyk and Associate Professor of the Department of Financial Management Oksana Zahidna – had the opportunity to visit the exhibition “War Views” by the artist Vladyslav Ryaboshtan, each of whose works is a cry of the soul, grief, pain and misery from the war that the Russian Federation has unleashed and is waging against Ukraine. The picture of mass burials with tombstone crosses caused the most violent reaction… Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel… Today the whole world learned about the violence that the Russian military committed in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

“We are used to thinking that violence is mostly physical intentional infliction of beatings or other physical injuries. However, violence can also be psychological, economic, or sexual. Each of these types has its own signs and forms of manifestation,” says Professor Nataliya Sytnyk, head of the Department of Financial Management, and adds: “That’s why it’s so important to know how to warn and prevent abuse in society.”

Interactive lecture “Toxic people” from the psychologist of the Psychological Service of LNU named after Svitlana Nezabytovska Ivana Franka gave students the opportunity to learn about forms of protection against “toxic people”, after communicating with whom our mood worsens, a feeling of inferiority appears, successes no longer make the desired impression, and small difficulties seem like the collapse of everything.

The meeting with Volodymyr Burak, professor of the Department of Social Law, made it possible to discuss the rights and forms of defending one’s interests in labor relations with the employer, to get acquainted with the procedure for compensating employees and employers for sums of money lost as a result of armed aggression against Ukraine, in particular through the mechanism of reparations from Russia, including including due to the confiscation of Russian assets in favor of Ukraine.

It was interesting for the students to get to know the masters of sambo wrestling, the champions of Ukraine, Dmytro Dmytruk, and the silver medalist of the world championship, Yaroslav Mykhalyuk. Young people received advice on self-defense from specialists and tried to apply typical techniques in practice, learned how to properly react to a potential attacker.

The idea of ​​the final event – the flash mob – was to loudly declare to the whole world: “No to violence!”. The palm with the inscription “No” is a form of manifestation of awareness of the problem of violence and the need for its prevention, prevention and prevention.

Andriy Stasyshyn, dean of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management, also joined the flash mob, who emphasized: “A government that resorts to violence against the people is doomed to run away from the violence of the people! And the government of the Russian Federation supports and promotes violence. Thus, in Russia, the abuse of violence in families, in law enforcement agencies, and in the army rarely ends with the punishment of the guilty. The government of the Russian Federation does not condemn the crimes of the dictator Joseph Stalin, the terror organized by him, the Gulag, the Holodomor in Ukraine and the shameful behavior of the Soviet special services.”

The organizers of the event express their gratitude to all the speakers who took part in the implementation of this initiative and urge them to remember that those who resort to violent actions will certainly be punished! And Russia will fully answer to Ukraine and every Ukrainian family for large-scale mass atrocities and violence!

Everything will be Ukraine!