Student youth graduated from the School of Successful Financing

12.04.2021 | 21:41

For the fourth year in a row, the Department of Financial Management, Faculty of Finance and Business, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv implements educational projects “Business of the XXI Century”, which focus on implementing the idea of ​​lifelong learning through vocational guidance, raising students’ awareness of future professions program “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs”. In order to deepen the knowledge of young people about finance and the idea of ​​the profession of economist-financier, this year the Faculty hosted the “School of Successful Financier”.

During the four weeks, students had the opportunity to learn about finance and who is a successful financier, learn about the benefits of the profession of financier and why it is worth researching and studying finance, understand the concepts of financial intelligence and financial literacy. In particular, student youth took part in a number of trainings – “Simply about finance”, “Me, a bank and an insurance company”, “Popular about taxes”, “Where does the border start?” Customs from A to Z “.

The speakers of the school were associate professors Natalia Blaschuk-Devyatkina, Yuriy Holynskyy, Victoria Dubyk, Olga Kozakevich, Vira Kruglyakova, Daria Popovych, Lyubov Petyk, Olga Sych and Yulia Shushkova. During the classes, they introduced the students to the history of banking and insurance; basic concepts and categories of banking and insurance; structure and participants of the banking system and insurance market; the most common types of banking and insurance services; with the basics of taxation, the structure of the tax system, the tax burden and tax evasion.

The organizers paid special attention to the history of customs development in Ukraine; basic concepts and categories of the customs system; rules for crossing the border of goods and citizens of the country; the most common type of customs activity.

Upon completion of the educational project, all participants received personal certificates.