Student scientific seminar “Modern management and socio-economic aspects of state development”

13.10.2021 | 23:38

October 13, 2021

Teachers of the Department of Economics and Public Administration together with applicants for the higher education of the first (bachelor’s) level held a scientific seminar. The topic of the seminar: “Modern management and socio-economic aspects of state development.” Reports were made by 15 applicants for higher education.

The speakers interestingly and creatively presented the prepared information material. Students meaningfully answered questions, actively discussed current issues of state development in modern conditions. The participants of the seminar discussed the following topics: economic security, international cooperation, business development and digitalization, the democratization of management and the development of e-government.


  • Bondarenko Anna: “Australia, its economy, governance and relations with Ukraine”
  • Grom Yelyzaveta: “Socio-economic development of China”
  • Dilay Vitaliy: “Ukraine’s International Economic Relations with Canada”
  • Drozd Daria: “Education Quality Management System in US Higher Education Institutions”
  • Melnychuk Daniela: “Small and medium business as a basis for socio-economic development of the state”
  • Osyko Lev: “The state in the smartphone: from idea to reality”
  • Ostapyuk Sofia: “Peculiarities of the United Arab Emirates Economy: Relations with Ukraine”
  • Petriv Maryana: “Digitalization of business in a pandemic”
  • Rakhval Iryna: “The impact of the tourism business on the development of Ukraine’s economy”
  • Rymar Khrystyna: “Peculiarities of Intergovernmental Economic Cooperation between Ukraine and Latvia”
  • Savron Kateryna: “Modern problems of national economic management and directions of their solution”
  • Taranenko Anna: “Economic security and its components”
  • Yuskovets Iryna: “E-government and e-democracy in Ukraine”
  • Yakovets Iryna: “International Economic Relations between Ukraine and Japan”