Student’s online discussion of the scientific group “Derzhavotvorets” on the topic: “Problematic aspects of public administration during pandemic”

05.04.2021 | 11:33

On April 1, 2021, a student’s online discussion on “Problematic aspects of public administration and administration in a pandemic” was held within the scientific circle “Derzhavotvorets” of the Department of Public Administration and Business Management (scientific supervisor – Reshota O. A.)

Students of 1-4 years of study in the specialty “Public Administration” took an active part in the discussion. The report on the topic “Leadership qualities of a modern manager” was made by a student Maria Kormylo, UFP-11s. The reports of second-year students Natalia Steblyk (UFP-21c) on “Formation of the Ukrainian model of decentralization of power on the example of European countries” and Julianna Drozd (UFP-21s) on the topic “Peculiarities of professional activity of a public servant: ethical dimension” aroused great interest among student youth.

Muchychko Karolina (UFP-31c) presented a report on “Peculiarities of public administration in Ukraine: civilizational progress and modern challenges”, and the head of the scientific group “Derzhavotvorets” Vovk Victoria (UFP-31s) spoke on the topic “Social Policy in Ukraine”.

The reports of Telegiy Iryna (UFP-41s) on “What is a personal brand: what does it consist of and how to build” and Panova Anna (UFP-41s) on the topic “Peculiarities of cooperation between the state and business structures in a pandemic” aroused great interest and lively discussion. ». Students of the UFP-41s group Derevyanko Victoria and Stanasyuk Oleksandr also shared their practical experience with junior students on problematic aspects of public administration and administration in the conditions of a pandemic.

We express our sincere gratitude for the active participation of students in the online discussion on “Problematic aspects of public administration and administration in a pandemic.” Participation in the scientific event is certified by the relevant certificates.