Student Khrystyna Rymar (the specialty 281 “Public Administration”, OPP “Public Administration”) – the winner of the selection for the internship program R&D Lviv in the Lviv City Council

30.09.2021 | 15:39

The desire to acquire new knowledge, self-improvement and a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills – these are the main characteristics of modern student youth.

Thus, Khrystyna Rymar, a student majoring in the 281 “Public Administration”, OPP “Public Administration and Business Management”, the head of the group UFP-21s, became one of the winners of the selection for the internship program R&D Lviv and received the opportunity to participate in the program from the first deputy city Chairman – Andriy Moskalenko, who provides an internship in the Department of Economic Policy of the Lviv City Council. The internship took place at the Center for Entrepreneurship Support, which reports to the Department of Business Industries.

Also, at the end of July 2021, Khrystyna Rymar began an internship at the Lviv Regional State Administration thanks to the all-Ukrainian internship program in local governments Democracy Reporting International Ukraine. The internship takes place in the Department of Economic Policy.

         In addition, Khrystyna Rymar was involved in the co-organization of the XX International Economic Forum as a coordinator for communicative interaction with the Forum participants.

Congratulations to Khrystyna Rymar on her significant achievements in the practical field of public administration and we wish her inspiration for further achievements!