Student entrepreneurship: the path to business success

22.03.2021 | 19:16

On March 22, an event “Student Entrepreneurship” was held as a part of the study of the discipline “Creating own business” under the leadership of PhD, associate professor Olga Sych . Students of the UFF-43 group – Veronika Yevtushok and Mykhailo Hoshovskyi addressed the participants of the course with a presentation of successful business projects that they are currently implementing. In this way, students had the opportunity to learn from their senior colleagues firsthand about finding a business idea, the role of experience and learning, overcoming difficulties and failures, the importance of teamwork and self-belief on the path to business success.

Veronika Yevtushok introduced the audience to the business case “Wedding Organization”, told about the first steps in this business, stressed the importance of advertising, promotion on social networks, attending thematic fairs and exhibitions for success in this field. The legal and tax aspects of starting a business provoked a lively discussion, the participants noted Veronica’s motivational speech and noted that a creative approach and creative thinking play an important role in such a business.

Mykhailo Hoshovsky introduced the company BAEM – online delivery of bio and organic products, told the story of starting a business, vividly described the challenges facing youth entrepreneurship, gave advice to beginners. In particular, he stressed the importance of a strategic vision in combination with short-term planning, recommended paying attention to budgeting, accounting and analysis of business costs, shared the secrets of building a strong team. The students noted Mikhail’s detailed story and are grateful for their wishes to reach new heights in business.

Such meetings promote the exchange of experience, the acquisition of practical skills for both guests and students of the course “Creating own business”.