Cooperation with stakeholders: online implementation of the educational process (laboratory work) in the Bjet system based on the Odoo platform

11.11.2021 | 17:04

Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv within the discipline “Business Process Automation” (author of the course Oksana Vaskiv), which is studied by students of the educational program “Information Technology in Business” specialty 051 “Economics” (UFE- 21c) builds new relationships with partners: employers as stakeholders (BJetPro – a Ukrainian company that has developed solutions for business management in Ukraine – Bjet on the basis of the Odoo platform) are involved in the organization of the educational process (laboratory work).

This collaboration successfully combines knowledge of the economic logic of business processes with programming skills to master such a useful tool as Odoo for automation, analysis and management of business processes.