Cooperation with stakeholders and employers. Participation of teachers of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics in the International IT Forum “BIT-2023”

25.05.2023 | 09:28


On May 24, 2023, Iryna SHEVCHUK and Oksana VASKIV, teachers of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics, Faculty of Finance and Business Management of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, participated in the International IT Forum “Around the Data Center. Around the Clouds. Around Data. Around the IoT. Around IP. Around Security(BIT-2023).

This is a unique industry event, characterized by a comprehensive approach, quality of information content, a unique atmosphere and gathers the best representatives of the IT community and the business environment of the region.

During the forum, teachers and famous speakers discussed:

  • modern solutions for intelligent processing of documents;
  • ESET’s experience in countering modern threats and cyber attacks;
  • the need to abandon Russian software (where to go and how much it costs);
  • types of modern information storage devices;
  • how not to make a mistake when choosing a cloud provider;
  • interactive solutions for internal and external communication;
  • modern trends in creating digital workplaces (digital workplace);
  • platforms for managing applications in today’s hybrid and multi-cloud world;
  • CRM selection criteria;
  • new challenges and opportunities of ChatGPT.

The issues and problems highlighted at this forum will be a useful case for discussing with students of the educational program “Information Technologies in Business” opportunities for the digital transformation of business processes and organization of digital workplaces of team members who work in different places and will use tools for remote cooperation and communication.

It was a great opportunity to discuss the training of the young generation of specialists in the economic profile with IT competencies under the educational programs of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics, specialty 051 “Economics”, areas of cooperation with the University, and educational programs of the department.