Seminar-training “Preparation and presentation of defense of qualifying (master’s) work”

04.05.2018 | 20:22

   Graduate students today face an important task on time and efficiently write qualification (master’s) work, which will become a result of their studies at the university and allow members of the Examination Commission during the protection work to assess not only the knowledge of graduates of Master, but their scientific competence. However, each graduate student faces a problem – how to prepare a statement in defense of the qualifying (master’s) work. In other words – how best to communicate the results of their work to the Examining Commission, on which the assessment of work depends?
A speech in defense of master’s thesis for many is a serious problem. Sometimes well-written and produced diploma paper gets low score only because graduate felt themselves insecure during the defence procedure. Faculty of Finance Management and Business decided to help young researchers in this important task.
On May 3, the seminar-training “Preparation and presentation of the defense of qualifying (master’s) work” was held. This seminar-training will allow students to prepare themselves for the qualification (master’s) work. The organizer and coach of the event was Ph.D., associate professor of the Department of State and Local Finances S.Ya Bugil.
The students were familiarized with the requirements for the content of speech in defense of the qualification (master) and of the order of the defence, and reviewed the list of the documents needed to protect and studied all the details of the plan and structure of the report.
The coach focused students on the most important points of the report, the rules of public speaking and visual contact with the entire audience, the correct choice of clothing for protection and typical mistakes during defense performance and need to observe the time limit allocated to the statement.