27.09.2021 | 21:51

September 24, 2021 Head of the Department of Financial Management of Ivan Franko Lviv National University Prof. N.S. Sytnyk took part in the methodical seminar “EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: HOW TO COMBINE THE FEATURES OF THE PROGRAM WITH REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS” on the basis of Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas.

The purpose of this event with representatives of the scientific community was to discuss issues of quality assurance of educational programs, exchange of experiences and best practices in the formation and implementation, areas of cooperation in launching joint educational programs.
The seminar was attended by leading scientists of domestic higher education institutions, namely: Director of the Institute of Economics and Management Prof. Zapukhlyak IB, and guarantors of educational programs IFNTUNG, head. Department of Finance NU “Lviv Polytechnic” prof. Alekseev IV, head Department of Economics and Management of the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy prof. Prokhorova VV, head Department of Air Transport Economics, National Aviation University prof. Arefieva OV, head Department of Economics and Management of Production and Commercial Business of the Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport prof. Dykan VL, members of working groups of educational programs and scientists with many years of experience and work experience.
On behalf of the stakeholders, the Head of the Department of Budget Calculations and Tax Planning of the Naftogaz of Ukraine Group of Companies, Ph.D. Kolbushkin YP, who presented his vision and made proposals for the development of educational programs and curricula in the field of knowledge 07 Management and Administration.
In particular, the seminar participants got acquainted with the best teaching methods in domestic free economic zones, made proposals for the formation of the content component of educational programs, discussed further opportunities to exchange experiences (involving external stakeholders in practical classes, assessing the quality of knowledge of higher education). education, ensuring academic integrity, involving scientists from higher education institutions in conducting review lectures and opportunities to expand cooperation in the implementation of joint research).