Scientific seminar of the Department of Financial Management “Post-war development of the financial system of Ukraine”

28.11.2022 | 14:12

On November 25, 2022, the Department of Financial Management held a scientific seminar on the topic: “Post-war development of the financial system of Ukraine.” The topic of the scientific seminar corresponds to the direction of the scientific activity of the department and is related to the implementation of the scientific topic “Modernization of the financial system of Ukraine: trends and priorities” (state registration number: 0121U110244; execution date: 01.01.2021-31.12.2025; scientific supervisor: Nataliya Stepanivna Sytnyk , Doctor of Economics, Prof.).

The purpose of the scientific seminar is to discuss ways of restoring and rebuilding the main segments of the financial system of Ukraine in the post-war period: state and local finances and finances of economic entities; finances of the non-production sphere of activity and finances of the population; financial market and financial infrastructure. The event was aimed at increasing the scientific level of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department and the effectiveness of the educational process within the educational programs “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs”, “Financial Management”.

The state’s response to acute socio-economic problems, the reconstruction of the economy and the creation of long-term foundations for its development after the war will require a radical change in the structure and priorities of all areas of the financial system. The responsibility of each of us for the results of the reconstruction of our own country should ensure the positive consequences of the recovery and the sustainability of its results.

That is why the holding of conferences, scientific seminars and round tables on development problems, and from now on the restoration of the financial system of Ukraine, single out this direction in our research, thereby creating a basic plane for fruitful discussions. The scientific seminar is also an opportunity to reflect and analyze the acquired experience taking into account the realities of the wartime period. At the online meeting, speakers presented the results of their own research in the following areas:

– strategic coordination of international technical assistance with national security and defense priorities, providing Ukraine with reliable external security guarantees (Prof. Sytnyk N.S.);

– international interaction and financial and technical support of Ukraine (Prof. U.Z. Vatamanyuk-Zelinska);

– formation of a system of economic relations in the conditions of an aggravation of the military threat (assistant professor L.O. Petyk);

– ensuring the reliable and stable functioning of the country’s banking and financial system (associate professor Zahidna O.R.);

– relocation of businesses from the war zone to safer regions, creation of jobs and permanent sources of income generation (Prof. Yu.V. Shushkova);

– ensuring Ukraine’s defense needs, uninterrupted functioning of the state finance system and critical infrastructure facilities, strategic directions of regional development (assistant professor I.F. Yasinovska and associate professor S.D. Smolinska);

– evaluation of changes to the legislation of Ukraine to fulfill the tasks of adapting the economy to the conditions of war with the perspective of post-war reconstruction (including regarding the work of industrial parks, land issues, territorial planning, housing construction, tax regulation) (assistant professor D.V. Popovych) .

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department of Financial Management took an active part in the discussion of topical issues related to the mentioned issues. The results of the scientific seminar made it possible to substantiate the prospects for the development of the national economy, to study the conditions for countering threats to the financial security of Ukraine, and to contribute to the enrichment of the conceptual potential of the Ukrainian scientific community and the transfer of experience to the younger generation – holders of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the educational programs “Finance, Customs and Taxation” and “Financial Management”. This will enable them to acquire and develop advanced skills and practical skills that reflect innovation in solving complex and unpredictable problems in the fields of professional activity and learning.