Scientific seminar of the Department of Financial Management “Modernization of the financial system of Ukraine: post-war recovery”

16.06.2024 | 23:34

On June 14, 2024, the scientific seminar “Modernization of the financial system of Ukraine: post-war recovery” was held at the Department of Financial Management.  The event was held in the format of a discussion within the scientific topic of the department “Modernization of the Financial System of Ukraine: Trends and Priorities” (scientific supervisor, Doctor of Economics, Prof. Sytnyk N.S., state registration number 0121U110244, implementation period 2021-2025 ). The seminar was dedicated to the discussion of directions for the implementation of the new Strategy for the development of the financial sector of Ukraine on the way to victory. In their speeches, the participants of the scientific seminar focused on strategic initiatives that will contribute to the recovery of the national economy from the consequences of a full-scale war. “The strategy takes into account the current and future needs of representatives of all groups of the financial ecosystem, both customers (users of financial services) and key players involved in the creation of these services, and also contributes to the realization of the vision of the financial sector of Ukraine – its ideal state in the future: stability, efficiency, competitiveness, integration into the international space” ¬¬- noted in her report prof. Sytnyk N.S. The participants also discussed measures that will ensure macroeconomic and financial stability, laying the foundations for sustainable and dynamic development of the financial sector of Ukraine in the conditions of European integration and integration into the global financial space (Prof. Yu.V. Shushkova, Associate Professor I.F. Yasinovska). The report of Prof. Nazarkevich I.B. and Assoc. Sich O.A. At the seminar, questions were raised about the introduction of military and political risk insurance (Assoc. Prof. Popovych D.V.) and the implementation of the new strategy of the Export Credit Agency (Assoc. Prof. V.Ya. Dubyk). The problems of the development of the virtual assets market (associate professor L.O. Petyk) and the problems of financing ESG projects (associate professor V.V. Kruglyakova) provoked a discussion. Much attention was paid to the road map for the restoration of the provision of financial services in the de-occupied territories (Prof. Vatamanyuk-Zelinska U.Z.) and state programs of preferential financing (Assoc. Prof. Smolinska S.D.).

A peculiar post-release of the scientific seminar, taking into account the challenges of today and the need for high-quality training of qualified specialists, was a recommendation to take into account the strategies of the development of the financial sector when teaching OC at the OPP “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” for the master’s degree. Such an emphasis will make it possible to expand the list of professional competencies and program outcomes of master’s studies and, at the same time, will contribute to timely updating of the content of educational components based on scientific achievements and modern trends in the development of the field of finance.