Scientific seminar “Digital transformation of education and science”

26.11.2021 | 18:17

On November 26, 2021, a scientific seminar “Digital Transformation of Education and Science” was organized at the Department of Financial Management for applicants for higher education “Master”. The relevance of this topic is due to the realities of today. After all, digital transformation in the field of education and science is a comprehensive work on building an ecosystem of digital solutions in the field of education and science, including the creation of a safe electronic educational environment, providing the necessary digital infrastructure of educational institutions, increasing digital competence, digital transformation of processes and services, as well as automation of data collection and analysis. Nevertheless, in the transition to a digital economy, there is an institutional transformation, which in itself, regardless of its causes and nature, is a powerful destabilizing factor for sustainable and successful socio-economic development of any country.

The issues of digital transformation of higher education, science, economics, as well as the risks of this process were discussed during the event. Attention was paid to the development of the startup movement in higher education institutions “Entrepreneurship University”; the need to improve the Open Ukrainian Index of Scientific Citation; launching a new web platform “Science and Business”, which should become an online platform for communication and effective interaction between business and the scientific community.

We hope that, as a result of the event, applicants for higher education will work to improve their professional competencies, and some will choose a scientific field for further study in graduate school.