Scientific-practical seminar “Reforming the Tax System: Strategic Progress or Manual Management?”

17.05.2022 | 23:05

As part of the annual festival of science at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, the Department of Financial Management hosted a scientific-practical seminar “Reforming the Tax System: Strategic Progress or Manual Management?”, organized by the students` scientific group “Tax Space”. Participants in the seminar were lecturers of the Department of Financial Management Prof. Ulyana Vatamanyuk-Zelinska, Prof. Yulia Shushkova, Prof. Ihor Nazarkevych, Associate Professor Victoria Dubyk, and Associate Professor Olga Sych, as well as more than 60 students of the educational program “Finance, Customs, and Tax Affairs”. Students prepared 25 abstracts, which will be published in the relevant collection of the department. Speeches and discussions of students concerned the reform of budget-generating taxes, such as customs duties, corporate income tax, personal income tax, and environmental tax. Local budgets, the simplified taxation system, in particular innovations during the war, did not escape students` attention. A separate block of reports was prepared on the reform of inter-budgetary relations and filling the pension fund of Ukraine. The seminar participants concluded that tax revenues in martial law remain an essential source of filling the budget and should be based on the principles of transparency, simplicity, adequacy, efficiency, and control. And the reform of Ukraine’s tax system should take place in the direction of liberalization and focus on the regulatory function, as well as support foreign and domestic investment. In the closing speech prof. Ihor Nazarkevych summed up the discussion and wished the students to deepen their research in the tax sphere. The head of the students` scientific group “Tax Space” Olga Sych marked the participants of the seminar with personal certificates and announced future events to be held at the Department of Financial Management.