Development of the professional skills of the teachers of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics from representatives of the IT business with the possibility of integrating the course “Marketing of IT products” into the educational process of the University

21.08.2023 | 21:23

From July 24 to August 4, 2023, the head of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management of Lviv National University named after Ivana Franka Iryna SHEVCHUK completed an internship, taking part in the All-Ukrainian educational internship course “Marketing of IT products”, developed at the initiative of the IT company Genesis, together with the NGO “Product IT Foundation for Education” and the online studio Education EdEra, with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. It is also accredited to integrate it in its institution of higher education (Certificate No. 147/082-2023).

The course is aimed at obtaining basic knowledge in the direction of digital marketing of IT products. It will be integrated into the academic discipline “Project Management”, which is taught to students of the 1st year of the “Master’s” educational degree of the EPP “Information Technologies in Business” specialty 051 “Economics”.

During their studies, students will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies, including how to:

  • Find the differences between product, service and outstaff IT companies.
  • Use behavioral techniques to induce the user to take the desired targeted action.
  • Specify mandatory elements of marketing strategy, types of marketing frameworks.
  • Distinguish which marketing specialists work on the promotion of IT products.
  • Conduct a surface analysis of the market — determine its size, dynamics and drivers, search for and analyze competitors, conduct a SWOT analysis, determine IT product monetization models, create a Business Canvas of your own IT product.
  • To understand what the strategy for the IT product’s entry into new markets (GTM strategies) consists of and how it differs from the general marketing strategy.
  • Use platform policies when working with ad creatives, understand what factors can lead to an ad being blocked on online platforms.
  • Work with SEO to promote sites in search results.
  • Create metadata for the App Store and Google Play app stores, indicate which key elements affect app optimization.
  • Search for platforms for cooperation with partners within Affiliate Marketing, distinguish types of advertisements for desktop and mobile versions of products according to the requests of different advertising platforms. Create effective text and visual ads.
  • Work on building a brand in social networks.
  • Use PR tools to build the image and reputation of the brand, in accordance with the company’s business goals.
  • Find influencers according to brand demand and business goals.
  • Build the email strategy of the product, compose the correct structure of the letter, find the reasons for which letters can end up in spam, specify the features of push notifications of IT products. Measure the effectiveness of these marketing channels.
  • Create a content strategy and a content plan for an IT product.
  • Distinguish which metrics can be measured and analyzed in the marketing of IT products.
  • Build marketing funnels for user path decomposition (AIDA, AARRR). Calculate funnel conversions using Anchor and Chain funnel techniques.
  • Create your own product and marketing team. Set goals for the team using OKR, KPI methods in the SMART system.
  • Fill out a professional page on the LinkedIn social network, build networking, create a CV with the correct structure and content, motivational letter. Understand what hiring processes exist in IT companies.
  • Create your own development plan (PDP).

Career mentoring with representatives of Genesis IT company is also provided for the best students of the course.

We thank the IT company Genesis and the NGO “Educational Foundation of Product IT” for the opportunity provided for the exchange of experience between teachers and the IT business, as well as for the growth of the personal potential of students of the EPP “Information Technologies in Business” !