Round table of the scientific circle “Finance and Business” on the topic “Financial security of business entities under martial law”

15.05.2024 | 18:27

As part of the annual Science Festival at Ivan Franko Lviv National University at the Department of Financial Management, on May 14, 2024, a student round table was held on the topic “Financial security of business entities under martial law”, organized by the student scientific group “Finance and Business” under led by Assoc. Smolinska S.D. Students of the educational programs “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” and “Financial Management” were present.
In the course of the event, the speakers raised topical issues related to the financial security of business entities of Ukraine and its features in the conditions of martial law. Special emphasis was placed on budgetary and fiscal security in the conditions of martial law, on the specifics of doing business in such conditions, the difficulties faced by business entities and on the peculiarities of filling budgets of all levels in conditions of war, which directly correlates with conducting business activity The participants of the round table actively participated in the discussion of debatable issues and produced new ideas and proposals for solving urgent problems that exist in the field of financial security of economic entities in modern conditions.
24 speakers spoke at the round table, which aroused the keen interest of the participants – students and teachers of the department. The reports of the students of higher education will be published in the collection of scientific works of students.