29.08.2022 | 15:56

Despite the summer period, which is harshly overshadowed by the full-scale military invasion of the annexing state, creative work on deepening the acquired knowledge in the specialization «Public Administration and Business Management» does not stop. In particular, active members of the cathedral student circle «State Creator» of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management actively participated in the International scientific and practical conference «Modern world trends in the development of economics, accounting, finance and law» (Poltava). The conference united the efforts of about two dozen educational and scientific institutions on current problems of the national economy and economic relations, management and logistics, insurance and finance. A separate section was devoted to problematic aspects of public management and administration. It was through this section that the reports of the members of the «State Creator» circle were presented under the scientific guidance of Professor, D. Sc. (Economics) B.A. Karpinsky with a general focus on the development the state-creative patriotism of nation. The creative achievements of the students of the 3rd year (bachelor’s degree) of Maria Kormylo, Yaroslav Timoftevich and the 2nd year of the master’s degree: Victoria Derevyanko, Yulia Ochkovska, and Anton Goncharov were published in the collection of conference abstracts.Participation in such scientific events allows students to determine the priorities and prospects of further scientific research on the issues of public administration and business management, to raise their own educational and scientific level, to adapt theoretical approaches to practice, to gain life experience in conveying views to the community.In particular, the lecturers-masters got the opportunity to test their research, which they synthesized in an extended form in the master’s thesis, and the graduate of the specialty 281 «Public management and administration» Dmytro Pfister (currently an employee of the Lviv City Council) was certainly involved in purposeful scientific developments on the issues of the peculiarities of modern state creating and formation of Smart-urbanism.Let’s rest actively and work creatively in the interests of victory!