Psychological support of students during the educational process in the conditions of war

21.11.2022 | 15:17

“Psychological support of students during the educational process in the conditions of war” – under this name, an educational event was held with the participation of students of the UFF-23c group and the curator of the group, Associate Professor Olga Sych on November 19 on the Teams platform.

The goal of intellectual and spiritual education of student youth is the development of cognitive interest, creative activity, thinking, education of the need to independently acquire knowledge, and readiness to apply knowledge and skills in practice. In the conditions of war, the psycho-emotional state of students deteriorates, which negatively affects their ability to study, overcome life’s difficulties, and fight stress. Resources for psychological support in war conditions, in particular those developed by the psychological service of LNU, as well as familiarity with emotional state control practices, can be useful to a young person. Thus, the students of the group got acquainted with the manual “Simple self-help techniques in the period of stress”, and also discussed the causes and consequences of the student’s emotional burnout.

Students discussed techniques for overcoming emotional burnout and shared their own recipes for avoiding stress in the conditions of the approaching session. At the end of the educational event, its participants agreed with the opinion that an important factor of psychological support is the willingness to make contact, help each other, not to remain alone with your problems, but to look for a way out of a difficult situation.