Psychological conditions for successful adaptation of a freshman to study in a higher education institution

21.09.2021 | 11:25

On September 20, 2021, employees of the Psychological Service of Ivan Franko LNU Svitlana Nezabytovska and Anastasia Skakovska conducted for students of academic groups of the educational program “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” UFF-11s (advisor – Associate Professor of Financial Management Kruglyakova V.V.) and UFF-12s (advisor – associate professor of financial management Petyk L.O.) training on the psychological conditions of successful adaptation of a freshman to study in a higher education institution.

The stage of entering a higher education institution is considered to be one of the most difficult periods in the life of freshmen, so the problem of their adaptation to new living conditions is extremely important.
During the training, students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of the psychological service of Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko, discussed many interesting issues of team building, self-esteem, confidence, self-presentation skills, improving relationships in the academic group, ability to develop in a new environment. After all, the successful adaptation of freshmen to life and study in a higher education institution is the basis for further development of each student as a person, a future specialist. It is through successful adaptation and lies the path of man to psychological well-being, to successful self-realization without undue effort.