Protection of production practices under the OP «Public administration and business management»

05.12.2022 | 13:03

It should be noted that industrial (pre-diploma) practice became the final and effective stage in the training of specialists at the second (master’s) level of higher education – specialization «Public administration and business management».So, on November 22, 2022, within the framework of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management and the Department of Public Administration and Business Management, a planned defense of pre-diploma practice took place – group UFPM-21c.Leading organizations were chosen as bases of practice, based on the specifics of specialization – training of managers, in particular: Lviv Regional Military Administration, KZ ENT Lviv Regional Youth Center, Office for Digital Development of Lviv OVA, Office for Support of Servicemen and Their Family Members at the Lviv Regional Military Administration, Novostrilyschanskyi Starostynsky District of the Executive Committee of the Bibra City Council of the Lviv District of the Lviv Region, “VUDBUDPROM” LLC, JSC JSC “Lviv”.A feature of this year’s practice was not only the adaptation of theoretical management approaches to specific production situations, but also the need to take into account problematic aspects of the current state of war (the specifics of establishing the activities of relocated business structures, optimizing management decision-making in crisis situations, management strategy and communication in the government-business system -community).Commission members Hanna Komarnytska, Kateryna Vaskivska, Borys Karpinskii, based on the consideration of the submitted materials and defense, noted the appropriate professional level of the managers, as they confirmed their own ability to effectively make optimal professional decisions taking into account both production situations and the interests of specific employees. The specified practice will also be the basis of the relevant master’s theses under the OP “Public administration and business management”.