Practical aspects for digital business transformation from Oracle

25.11.2021 | 16:12

On November 25, 2021, lecturers of the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics Iryna Shevchuk and Anna Starukh took part in the webinar “Oracle Analytical Platform as an integral part of the digital transformation of your business”.

The need for digital business transformation has become a reality for the vast majority of progressive companies today. At the same time, this transformation requires a rethinking of existing solutions, as well as modernization and change of the existing architecture.

The reality today is an unpredictable increase in the amount of data stored and processed, their security, the ability to effectively process and analyze data in real time to make strategic and tactical decisions by the company’s management.

During the webinar, Oracle experts (Artem Voevoda, Leading Oracle Technical Specialist, MUK Group; Boris Gayur, General Manager, Crayon Ukraine; Oleksandr Bernadsky, Principal Technology Specialist, Oracle) spoke about tools and solutions for building effective business analysis systems.

With the introduction of Oracle Business Intelligence, companies are able to get a full, and most importantly, timely view of the state of their business, with minimal involvement of IT services.