Practical discussion “Building sustainable communities – What does it take?” from “U-LEAD with Europe”

21.03.2024 | 15:38

In March 2024, the teaching staff of the Department of Public Administration and Business Management of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management participated in the practical discussion “Building sustainable communities – What does it take?” – the event, which was designed to exchange practical views on the restoration of Ukraine and create a platform for interaction between Ukraine and the European Union for the joint design of a stable and sustainable future of our country.

The organizer of the event is “U-LEAD with Europe” – a program of cooperation between the European Union and its member states Germany, Denmark, Poland and Slovenia, Ukrainian authorities and local communities, which is aimed at restoring, reforming and strengthening the stability of Ukrainian local self-government. The opening remarks were made by O. Shulyak – Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the Organization of State Power, Local Self-Government, Regional Development and Urban Planning, T. Ostropolskyi – Specialist in Decentralization and Sectoral Reforms of the EU Representation in Ukraine, A. Horvath – Deputy Director of the Program “U-LEAD with Europe”.

The program of the event included speeches by national and international speakers – experts on decentralization, good governance, civil service, local self-government, regional development, urban planning, etc. and consisted of three panel discussions:

– People-centered planning of reconstruction and development;

– Creation of strong institutions;

– Preservation of cohesion at the local level during the war.

The practical discussion stimulated fruitful discussion and cooperation between community representatives, representatives of the Ukrainian government and their European counterparts, as well as public figures and opinion leaders aimed at accelerating the recovery of Ukraine. The event inspired officials, representatives of civil society and the private sector to perceive recovery as an opportunity to “build back better than it was”, developing a stable, sustainable and inclusive Ukraine.