Pigeon of peace, do not forget about Ukraine!

22.09.2022 | 23:35

Pigeon of peace, don’t forget about Ukraine!

Let there be peace from now on and forever!

Let there be peace and silence in the evil wars.

And they will feel tears of happiness on their faces

Smiling mothers of the whole world.

Confirming Ukraine’s commitment to the ideals of peace and supporting the decision of the UN General Assembly, in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine in 2002, the Day of Peace has been established in Ukraine, which is celebrated annually on September 21 – the International Day of Peace.

Today, more than ever, we understand the meaning of the word PEACE!

The International Day of Peace is celebrated annually on September 21. For the International Day of Peace, students of higher education (first (bachelor) level of education) speciality 281 Public Management and Administration (Department of Economics and Public Administration) held an educational event “Peace dove, don’t forget about Ukraine!”.

This holiday has a special significance for Ukraine today. Throughout history, our state has fought for its peaceful existence. Today, this holiday is particularly significant for our country. From February 24, 2022, Ukraine is fighting against Russian aggression at a considerable cost, so that our descendants will never know war.

Every conscientious Ukrainian dreams of an end to hostilities on the territory of Ukraine as soon as possible, of the return of relatives, loved ones, and friends, of safety and a peaceful sky above their heads, of a bright future for children, of the healing of painful wounds in human hearts.

The greatest happiness in the world is PEACE, when people live in harmony and peace, the earth does not tremble from terrible explosions, and tears of grief and loss are not shed.

In a friendly atmosphere, we discussed how we see a peaceful Ukraine soon. At the same time, they made a symbol of peace – doves, which decorated the map of Ukraine. After all, today Ukraine is a symbol of peace!

We will make a map of Ukraine with pigeons in the assembly hall of the University.

We would like to thank the first vice-rector Andriy Hukaluk and the dean of the faculty Andriy Stasyshyn for supporting the idea’s implementation and participating in our event.


We believe in Victory! Everything will be Ukraine!