Professional development of teachers of the department of digital economy and business analytics in business analysis

21.12.2022 | 18:54

During September-November 2022, the associate professor of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics I. Franka Anna Starukh was trained by ITEA and partners.

The training took place under the “Future in IT” initiative, which was launched with the support of the (GIZ) GmbH project in partnership with the IT Education Academy company.

Anna Starukh was trained and had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills in the field of business analytics. In particular:

  • Introduction to BA and the life cycle of software development
  • Work with interested parties
  • Strategic analysis
  • Classification and identification of requirements
  • Process modeling and BPMN notation
  • Documentation and specification development
  • Data modeling
  • Non-functional requirements
  • Requirements prioritization and lifecycle
  • Change management to requirements
  • Requirements management tools
  • BA planning and monitoring

During the classes, the training participants used the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice and tried themselves in the role of business analysts and directly analyzed and modeled business processes each for their project.

Such knowledge will be useful for improving the training programs of disciplines related to business analysis for students of the OP “Information technologies in business” in various courses of study. And the experience gained will allow the teacher to keep up with the times and share it with students in practical classes.

Participants who successfully completed all training requirements received certificates of completion of the course!