Permanent professional development of teachers and students of the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics

19.11.2021 | 14:59

On November 17, 2021, they took part in the webinar “How to Create an Optimized API Development Process”:

  • Bogdan Deputat, Associate Professor of Digital Economics and Business Analytics, Integration engineer at UKEESS Software House.
  • Nadia Andriiv, 4th year student of the educational program “Information Technologies in Business”, QA engineer at ELEKS.

Successful digital strategies rely on providing high-quality and consistent APIs. This requires an integrated and optimized API development workflow that guarantees quality and improves efficiency.

With SmartBear, customers can run a scalable API with a central platform for OpenAPI standards, API design, and collaboration, combined with a single user interface to test functionality, performance, and security.

In particular, some best practices in API development were discussed during this information session. As a result, participants learned how:

  • apply API standards in your organization;
  • reduce API time and effort;
  • improve the overall quality of the API.