Best educational practices in the educational program “Information Technology in Business” in the analytical system YouControl

12.04.2022 | 16:04

🧑‍🏫 Within the framework of teaching the discipline “Monitoring Systems in Economics”, students of UFE-41c group OP “Information Technology in Business” of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management of Franko Lviv National University together with a lecturer, associate professor of digital economics and business analytics Starukh A. AND. trained in compliance analysis, market analysis, business intelligence and investigations – YouControl.

📈The system creates a complete dossier for each company in Ukraine based on open data, monitors changes in state registers and visualizes the links between affiliates.

🗂️During the study, students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the system and gain practical experience with it. In particular:

📎monitored changes in open state registers without spending time on additional inspections;

📎independently conducted a comprehensive inspection of legal entities and individuals;

📎conducted financial monitoring

📎got acquainted with the risk-oriented approach in the structure of financial monitoring

📎analyzed tenders

📎tracked the property and what property belongs to the company

📎analyzed the relationship: with whom the counterparty is connected, etc..

📊This gave the opportunity to form professional practical competencies on the use of conceptual principles of monitoring economic processes, as well as to gain practical knowledge on the application of modern tools for effective monitoring in the economy.

🧑‍💻📜Upon completion of the training, all received certificates of successful completion of the monitoring course with the help of YouControl tools.

🤝 The Department of Digital Economics and Business Economics thanks YouControl and continues to work closely to support the research and practice of students and teachers to train qualified and competitive in the labor market professionals in economics.