Participation of the department of financial management in the organization international conference

22.10.2022 | 13:46

On October 20, 2022, students of the educational program “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” took part in the II International Scientific and Practical Conference of Higher Education Graduates and Young Scientists “Actual Problems of the Development of the Financial and Economic System: Priorities and Prospects”. The conference took place at the Lviv University of Trade and Economics. The event is devoted to the problems and priorities of the restoration and further modernization of the financial system and economy of Ukraine in the conditions of martial law. The Department of Financial Management became one of the co-organizers of this event.

Considering the difficulties associated with the economic and other troubles of the war period, it is important today that young scientists study the problems and prospects of the development of the financial and economic system taking into account international, national and regional features. Such measures will greatly contribute to the preservation and development of scientific assets in various branches of the economy, as well as the monetary, currency, budget and tax policy of Ukraine.

The holding of scientific conferences will have a positive effect on increasing the effectiveness of scientific research among student youth. A professional discussion and exchange of experience will be able to give a new impetus to the further development of the national economy in the post-war period.