Participation of teachers of the Department of Public Administration and Business Management in the Forum “Human Capital – 2030”

06.12.2021 | 14:50

On December 2-3, 2021, the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department of Public Administration and Business Management took part in the Forum “Human Capital – 2030”, organized by the National Qualifications Agency.

The subject of the Forum was the effectiveness of the formation and development of one of the most valuable resources – human capital, as this resource is the driving force of economic development and social transformation, development and harmonization of professional and educational qualifications, which is important for education, labor mobility. labor market development, attracting investment to Ukraine and implementing international standards.

The Forum program included panel discussions on the topics: “Human capital development – a strategic priority of the state”, “European Qualifications Area”, “Professional qualifications in a dynamic labor market change”, “Qualification centers – innovation in the Ukrainian system of professional qualifications”, “Assignment, confirmation and recognition of professional qualifications “,” Assessment of learning outcomes “,” Priority areas of development of the National Qualifications System “.

During the Forum the following issues were discussed: development of the national qualifications system in Ukraine and the challenges facing stakeholders in a changing labor market; analysis of common ways to create a unified European qualifications space and the experience of EU countries in developing their own national qualifications systems; emergence of new professional qualifications, transformation of qualifications under the influence of new technologies and in the context of digitalization, development of professional standards and qualifications database (modernization of the Classifier of Professions, register of qualifications, European experience – ESCO); ways to form a network of effective qualification centers and infrastructure of the National Qualifications System;  priority areas of development of the National Qualifications System.