Participation of students of the UFP-31s group of the educational program “Public Administration and Business Management” in the training and mentoring program of V.G.O.R.U. Lviv Regional Youth Center

04.04.2023 | 10:35

Students of the UFP-31c specialty group 281 “Public administration and administration” of the educational program “Public administration and business management” of the department of public administration and business administration of the faculty of finance and business administration Nadiya Bodnaruk and Tetyana Bernyk take an active part in a three-month volunteer, training and mentoring program In .H.O.R.U. (Volunteer group of the organization of development and management), organized by the Lviv regional youth center and started on February 25, 2023.

 This is a project aimed at the development of young people in the field of project management, in which 20 participants took part, including representatives of the educational program “Public Administration and Business Management”. As part of the program, a number of educational activities and meetings with speakers took place within the first three weeks, which familiarized the participants of the training program with project management, communication, the sphere of smm, fundraising and the peculiarities of teamwork. Also, participants of the V.G.O.R.U. program were able to try their hand at volunteering in BURchyk and the Rescued Animals Home.

Higher education graduates Nadiya Bodnaruk and Tetyana Bernyk also started working on their own projects in teams: they developed project ideas, drew up an implementation plan and determined the necessary resources. As part of the program, there was an introduction to youth public organizations of Lviv, such as FRI, UAL, USS and UVS, which shared their experience and the opportunities they provide for active youth who seek to influence the state of events in modern society.

 During March-April, the teams continue to work on their projects and turn them into reality in the youth center, generate new ideas, organize events, overcome challenges and learn about the public sector.

 We wish the participants of the V.G.O.R.U. program success in implementing projects into life!


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