Participation of masters of UFOM-11c group and Ph.D., associate professor Loboda NO in a webinar-workshop on working with software cash registers

02.12.2021 | 20:31

December 2, 2021 UFOM-11s students and associate professor Loboda NO in cooperation with practitioners in the study of the course “Organization of accounting and tax optimization” joined the webinar – a workshop on working with software cash registers (speakers: leading experts Technocenter Lighthouse with experience in implementing software cash registers (PRRO) E. Smirnov, D. Doroshenko; head of the accounting service company “Lux Accounting” H. Lyskanych).

The webinar program covered the following issues:

Current issues on the application of the ABM in 2022;
Who will have to use RRO from 2022, and who can work without?
How to stop being afraid of ABM?
What are RRO?
Why is PRRO more profitable than classic PPO?
How long does it take for a PRRO to be registered with the State Traffic Police?
PRRO is simple: cashier training and initial registration
What additional equipment does the software cash register work with?
Checks in the program RRO: from entering the nomenclature to providing. / Why is it not necessary to print a check for PRRO?
Closing a change and sending a z-report: what about paper versions and CSR?
Convenient cash register administration: cash register analytics, cashier control and more
Integration of ABM with any accounting system: the usual work of a cashier in 1C: Enterprise, BAS, etc.
The work of software RRO at several points of sale
Continuous improvement of the ABM. What facilities will be implemented in the following ..?

Thank you for such wonderful events. I am convinced that such measures contribute to the process of transforming practical information into knowledge.