Participation of applicants for the second (master’s) level of education in the specialty 281 Public Management in Administration for training for public activists

03.10.2021 | 22:40

On September 28, 2021, the training “Public expertise – a useful tool in the arsenal of a public activist” took place on the ZOOM platform. The training was organized by the Department of Public Communications of the Department of Communications and Internal Policy of the Lviv Regional State Administration.

Masters majoring in 281 Public Management and Administration, as future civil servants, should be aware of the interaction with civil society institutions.

Public expertise is an opportunity for active public activists. Public examination of the activities of executive bodies is a component of the mechanism of democratic governance. It provides for civil society institutions to evaluate the activities of executive bodies, the effectiveness of decision-making and implementation of such bodies, the preparation of proposals for solving socially significant problems for their consideration by executive bodies in their work.


The procedure of public expertise actually enables civil society institutions to become participants in the development of state policy in various areas and to be public controllers of its implementation. Public expertise provides an opportunity not only to assess the activities of the authority, but also to influence its policy or its implementation. The executive authorities are now obliged to consider the conclusions of the public examination with the participation of the authors and to take into account the results of the examination in their activities.