Participation in the webinar “Prevention of professional burnout of a teacher”

22.03.2021 | 18:38

March 22, 2021 Ph.D., assoc. professor of the Department of Financial Management Tataryn N. took part in the webinar “Prevention of burnout of teachers.”

Within the framework of this event the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of the department of social pedagogy and special education of Zaporizhia National University Leshchenko O was presenting the material. She told about the essence of professional burnout of pedagogical workers, the main factors leading to its occurrence diagnosis and prevention of burnout.

The purpose of this webinar was to get acquainted with the methods of prevention of professional burnout of a pedagogical worker, which is very important in modern quarantine conditions.

The webinar discusses what “burnout” is, the factors that contribute to the syndrome of “burnout”, why the teaching profession is important in today’s conditions.

As a result of the webinar, it became clear that emotional exhaustion means a feeling of desolation and fatigue caused by their own work, and the symptoms of “burnout” are psychophysical, socio-psychological and behavioral symptoms that should be avoided in any way.