Participation in the II International Scientific and Practical Conference “SCIENTIFIC PROGRESS: INNOVATIONS, ACHIEVEMENTS AND PROSPECTS”

10.11.2022 | 12:57

In the period from November 6 to 8, 2022, as part of the study of the discipline “Economics and Finance of Business Entities”, Associate Professor of the Department of Financial Management, Candidate of Economic Sciences Klepanchuk O. together with the 2nd-year students of the UFP group 23 Strilchuk Olesya and Rakhval Iryna took part in the II International scientific and practical conference “SCIENTIFIC PROGRESS: INNOVATIONS, ACHIEVEMENTS AND PROSPECTS”, which was held in Munich, Germany with the report “Reconstruction of the financial and economic system of Ukraine in the post-war period”.

In their joint study, the students together with the teacher of science of economics Klepanchuk O.Yu. emphasized the fact that despite the still active phase of military operations, a strategy for Ukraine’s post-war economic development, focused on its maximum deregulation and demonopolization, should be formed today. The question of the strategy and tactics of rebuilding the national economy, its modernization, is the question of the future of Ukraine – a strong European country with a powerful industry.

At the end of the study, they came to the conclusion that structural reforms should not be postponed, but they should be carried out with a sufficient level of spending on financing the restructured sectors of the economy. The priority should be the preservation or repurposing of jobs, and not their spontaneous release at the discretion of market forces. The restoration or creation of new production potential of the economy, as well as the formation of a favorable business climate, will allow attracting investments and maintaining economic growth in the future in conditions of reduction of official international aid.

According to the results of participation in the II International Scientific and Practical Conference, the participants received international certificates.