Participation in the forum “Social support services for people with disabilities and the elderly in the communities of Lviv Oblast”

09.04.2023 | 19:29

On March 30, 2023, Vasyl Zelenko, associate professor of the Department of Economics and Public Administration, took part in the forum: “Social support services for people with disabilities and the elderly in the communities of Lviv region.”

The main goal of the event was the formation of an organizational and management algorithm in building a partnership between state authorities (Cabinet of Ministers, Lviv Regional Military Administration), territorial communities, domestic charitable organizations, representatives of the scientific and expert environment, international donor organizations regarding the provision of accommodation and social assistance for persons of the specified category.

The moderator and organizer of the event was the advisor to the head of the Lviv OVA, as well as the head of the working group of advisory and coordination centers under the district military administrations of the Lviv region, Halyna Bordun.

The opening speech was made by the head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration, Maksym Kozytskyi, who pointed out the relevance of the above-mentioned problems, and also told that since the beginning of the war, thanks to the joint efforts of the authorities, citizens, volunteers, charitable organizations, and international partners, Lviv Oblast has effectively coped with the influx of citizens from other regions. The next task is to implement a pilot project of social services supporting the most vulnerable categories of the population.

The speech of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk regarding the State Policy Strategy on Internal Displacement until 2025 was interesting for the participants.

Oksana Zbidneva, executive director of the NGO “Bezbarernist”, head of the program office “All-Ukrainian mental health program at the initiative of Olena Zelenska”, presented her report.

Roman Anders, Acting Acting Director, spoke about the challenges of social policy. director of the department of social protection of the population of Lviv Oblast.

The panel discussion “Cooperation with partners, involvement of socially responsible business: opportunities, challenges, expected results.

At the end of the forum, important problems, main points of contact between partners, prospects for further cooperation in solving joint tasks to overcome important social problems of the region were highlighted.

The issues and problems highlighted at this forum will be a useful case for discussing with students the problems of public policy implementation at the national, regional and local levels, in particular, with the active involvement of other parties of social dialogue and international partners in these processes.

the program of the event can be found here