Participation in the Digital Anti-Corruption Conference (DIGITAL ANTI-CORRUPTION CONFERENCE)

08.12.2021 | 05:11

On December 7, 2021, associate professors of the Department of Economics and Public Administration Oksana Pikulyk and Andriі Tabachuk took part in the Digital Anti-Corruption Conference (DIGITAL ANTI-CORRUPTION CONFERENCE), organized by the NGO Anti-Corruption Headquarters (Ukraine) and Transparency International Estonia (Estonia).

The conference focused on the problems of corruption and ways to solve them through digital means in Central and Eastern Europe. Speakers from different countries sought to share a common vision of how the civic and IT sectors can work together effectively, as each party can do in these legal and social contexts to ensure that reforms are open, effective and based on integrity and integrity. transparency.

During the discussion, the best digital tools for combating corruption were identified: digitalization, public procurement register, unified register of social benefits, e-government, use of online applications and automated services, ID-cards, artificial intelligence.

Participants in the discussion tried to answer the question: How have digital solutions contributed to the fight against corruption in different legal and cultural contexts? How have anti-corruption efforts and measures changed in the digital world? What are the benefits and challenges of using digital media? Why does a particular anti-corruption solution work in one environment and not in another?

In the second part of the conference, there was a demonstration of innovative solutions to combat corruption in some rooms.

Room 1 Political Integrity

Room 2 Open data

Room 3 Detection of corruption risks

Room 4 Business Analytics / Financing of Political Parties / Government Reaction

The experience gained during the discussion on international trends and approaches to digital technologies and the exchange of best practices in combating corruption, teachers of the department will be able to use in the preparation and teaching of disciplines for students majoring in Public Administration.