Participation in the Autumn School “Technology and Innovation Transfer: European and Ukrainian experience” by professors of the Department of Public Administration and Business Management

19.11.2021 | 13:29

Within the framework of the project of the Partnership of Universities of Ukraine and Germany on technology transfer at Lviv University and the professional international internship program on technology transfer for teachers, scientists, university management (German Ukrainian Technology Transfer Internships University Program 2021) (GUTT.INUP) the lecturers of the Department of Public Administration and Business Management Assoc. Prof. Olena Gerasymenko  and Assoc. Prof. Olena Reshota successfully completed the training program of the autumn school “Technology and Innovation Transfer: European and Ukrainian experience”, which took place on November 3-10, 2021.

The autumn school was held within the framework of the Jean Monnet project 611679-EPP-1-2019-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE “European Experience in Technology Transfer for Ukrainian Universities” / EXTECH.

The goals of the school were to disseminate EU practices on technology transfer, support technology transfer processes in Ukraine and build a network of innovators and inventors in Ukraine. The training program included reports on the following topics:

– Presentation of the EXTECH project;

– Digitization of public goods and transfer of virtual technologies;

– Creating and capturing value from innovative business

– How to use the education system to stimulate innovation and technology transfer – the Swedish experience?

– Life cycle of innovative products. Involving stakeholders in technology transfer processes at the university: the EU experience

– How are innovations developing in European countries?

– From one person to a million. Launch of a commodity company.

– Development of regional business incubators in the EU

– Digitalization and the development of smart cities: globalization versus sovereignty

According to the results of participation in the trainings of the Autumn School “Technology Transfer and Innovation: European and Ukrainian experience” associate professors Olena Gerasymenko and Olena Reshota  received certificates.