Participation in the 9th annual online conference of think tanks

08.12.2021 | 05:41

On December 7, 2021, the 9th online conference of think tanks “Does the government need an independent policy analyst?”

The conference took place within the framework of the Initiative for the Development of think tanks in Ukraine, implemented by the Renaissance Foundation in partnership with the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE) and with the financial support of the Swedish Embassy in Ukraine.

The following issues were discussed:

Quality public policy: the importance of independent think tanks. Does the government need independent analytics? On the basis of which analysts do top officials make decisions? Is the analysis of state research centres in demand? What are the reasons for the decline in demand for independent analytics? Trust in research in the context of the crisis of confidence in Ukrainian society. The causes of the crisis of confidence in state leaders and institutions, experts, data. What are the ways to build trust? The “third mission” of universities: what is needed for its successful implementation? Budget and donor resources, international partnerships, think tanks at universities – what else? Are Ukrainian universities ready to form expertise on important social issues and prepare quality research? Quality public policy and the work of independent think tanks. The role of quality expertise. What needs to be done for the world to understand the current situation in Ukraine (on the border between Ukraine and the Russian Federation). What is the motivation of players, their roles, behavioural scenarios? The importance of analytical data in developing community development strategies.

This information is especially useful to inform higher education students majoring in 281 Public Administration and Administration about the importance of analytical data in future professional activities. Associate Professor Halyna Kaplenko will use the information of the speakers in the discipline “Statistics”.