Ostov meeting on the topic “Starting a career in HR”

14.10.2022 | 19:27

On October 4, a guest online meeting was held for students of the educational program “Personnel Management in Public Authorities and Business Structures” (speciality 281 Public Management and Administration).

As part of the “Dialogue with Employers” project, the Department of Economics and Public Administration held a practical online meeting with OKKO representative Olena Kirichenko. The main goal of the “Dialogue with employers” project (the project organizer is the career development and business cooperation department of the Center for Marketing and Development) is practical meetings of students, graduate students and teachers with representatives of employer companies, who are also stakeholders of educational programs.

At the beginning of the meeting, the head of the department, Halyna Kaplenko, emphasized that such meetings at the department are pretty regular. However, the challenges faced by modern HR managers regarding the formation and interaction in the team are pretty important today and have a significant impact on the development and productivity of the organization in general. Today’s challenges require participants in the educational process to monitor all changes.

Participants of the practical meeting (students studying at the educational program “Personnel Management in Public Authorities and Business Structures”), as well as teachers, talked with an HR-management specialist. Olena Kirichenko has extensive work experience in the HR field. She shared her experience with the participants of the meeting and provided practical recommendations for young people on how to start their careers in the field successfully they have chosen.

“Starting a career in HR” was the main topic of the meeting and dialogue in which the speaker spoke in detail about the concept of a career and its stages; HR directions; what knowledge and skills are necessary for work in HR; how to start and develop a career in HR – possible career trajectories.

The moderator of the meeting, Iryna Snovydovych, while communicating with the participants of the meeting, noted that cooperation with employer companies is very important for ZVO. It is necessary for several directions, namely the involvement of stakeholder companies in the educational process to help students develop their hard & soft skills and form practical experience that will be useful to them at the start of their careers.

As Olena Kirichenko pointed out, today young specialists should look for opportunities for the practical application of their abilities and skills, because this is practical experience that will be needed in the future. Such meetings with practitioners are very valuable, so you should take advantage of them and join various career events and search for your “dream job” and shape yourself as an HR specialist today.