Open seminar class of Ph.D., Assoc. Popovych D.V. on the topic “Property insurance”

03.05.2023 | 21:25

On May 2, 2023, Ph.D., Associate Professor Daria Popovych, as part of the study of the “Insurance” discipline, held an open seminar on the topic ” Property insurance” (2 pairs, UFF-35s group). The structure of the seminar included the following components:

I. Organizational part (3-4 min) – mobilizing students to study, activating their attention, creating a working atmosphere for conducting classes; greeting the teacher with the students, identifying absentees, checking preparation for the lesson.

II. Stimulation of students’ educational activities (4-5 min). The teacher noted the need to study specific educational material, informed the topic, purpose and tasks of the seminar class. The relationship between the topic of the seminar session and the previous topics of the training course was also outlined.

III. Discussion of issues presented at the seminar (50 min). The seminar participants discussed the main issues of the seminar session: vehicle insurance and cargo and baggage insurance. During the discussion, the main indicators of the CASCO and CARGO insurance market and their dynamics were analyzed. Particular attention was paid to the practical aspects of CASCO insurance functioning, in particular the CASCO calculator functionality of individual insurance companies, the online insurance service, and an introduction to the demo version of the Audatex program, which allows you to identify and calculate the cost of vehicle repairs and is widely used in practice to settle the amount of losses in motor vehicle insurance.

Conducting a test (15 minutes), which made it possible to reveal the level of knowledge, abilities and skills of students in working out the material on the topic.
Summary of the lesson (2-3 min). The teacher made relevant conclusions on the topic of the lesson, announced grades to students and provided information about the topic and plan of the next lesson.

Also present at the open seminar were the teachers of the Department of Financial Management, Doctor of Economics, Professor U.Z. Vatamanyuk-Zelinska, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor Yu.V. Shushkova, Ph.D., Associate Professor Dubyk V.Ya., Ph.D., Associate Professor O.R. Zahidna, Ph.D., Associate Professor Petyk L.O., Ph.D., Associate Professor Sych O.A. recommendations and suggestions for improving the quality of conducting a seminar.